Daily Routine


The following is an example of a daily schedule for the 4 year old class. The schedule for the 3 year old class and pre-threes is quite similar except their day ends a little earlier.

9:00 – Arrival and free table play until everyone has arrived

9:10 – Circle time: attendance, calendar, weather, new helpers, observation, planning for day

9:30 – Center play and beginning of directed art project.  Centers include large motor activity, housekeeping, blocks, small motor table, free art table and individual help.

10:20 – Clean up time

10:30 – Circle time – alphabet and number work

10:45 – Music – piano or CD, singing, musical instruments, rhythm recognition

11:00 – Snack

11:10 – Movement to music

11:20 – Literature, story time

11:30 – Dismissal


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