Our philosophy is to create an environment where children can discover, observe, and explore through imaginary play and learning centers.  Our program is designed to meet the major developmental needs of preschool children.  We place great emphasis on the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs of the children. Each child is encouraged to develop a strong sense of self-esteem while learning at his or her own pace.

We provide a nurturing environment where children can learn naturally by socializing with their peers and take part in learning centers.  Understanding to play, share, and work together is addressed throughout our program.

Field trips are planned to coordinate with our units of study.  Written evaluations for three-year-olds are provided and conferences are held for four-year-olds.  Parents are welcome to participate at nursery school by attending class programs, reading stories, becoming class helpers or volunteering at special times.  We encourage strong ties between home and school environment.

We feel it is important to keep the student:teacher ratios as low as possible.  The ratios we feel work best to create and safe and effective environment are:

Pre-Three Year Old Class: 1 teacher to 7 students
Three Year Old Class: 1 teacher to 7 students
Four Year Old Class: 1 teacher to 10 students

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