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  1. Good morning. I hope you are enjoying the summer. It is going by fast!

    I wanted to touch base with you about a new educational program that I have developed as part of my role with our family’s produce company. It is called “From Seed to Spoon” and we will be visiting preschools, elementary schools, churches and community centers to talk to kids about where healthy food comes from (the farm, not a factory). We will show them how healthy food goes from a seed all the way to your plate. We will share unique fruits and vegetables from around the world to introduce children to the wide variety of produce and give them the chance to see, touch and taste things they have perhaps never had before. We’ll talk a little about nutrition and depending on the situation we may even be able to prepare a healthy snack together.

    We launched the program last week at Team Smile with the Cleveland Indians. We taught 300 children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland how healthy eating creates healthy teeth. Below is a link to a blog post I wrote about it that includes photos and a link to a video we shared there.

    The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I wondered if you’d be interested in me doing a program for all the kids at Village Nursery School sometime this coming school year. It would be great practice for me as I begin to reach out to schools in inner city Cleveland. I could either do it as one big group assembly or I could visit each classroom individually.

    No pressure of course, but I wanted to let you know about this in case you’d be interested in me coming to Village.

    Thanks! Enjoy your summer!!From-Seed-to-Spoon/dqskk/57769a1e0cf249bc245670f5!from-seed-to-spoon/gskvh

    Ashley Weingart
    Director of Communications & Community Outreach
    The Forest City Weingart Produce Co.

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