Pre-Three’s Class


Class meets Tuesday and Thurs from 9:15-11:30am for 2019/2020

This class is our youngest class at preschool. We started this class fifteen years ago and it has been very popular. It is a structured class that follows a similar time schedule like the three year old class. The children enjoy circle time, art activities, music, finger plays, story time, and lots of discovery time during social play. We stress the importance of sharing, making friends, and using our language and words to communicate.

There are up to twelve children in each class and two full time teachers. That way we keep our ratio level to 6 children to one teacher. Children who turn three from August thru Feb. are eligible for this class. This is a young three program. The cut off date for kindergarten is Sept. 30th.  but many children who turn 3 in August or September attend this class when the parents decide to give their child an extra year to prepare for kindergarten. That way they will be older and more mature and can attend our older classes as they grow at preschool.

Each child should be potty trained or at least in a pull up pant. There is a child size potty right in the room and we encourage peer support! It is truly amazing to see these youngsters grow and by May they are ready to spread their wings! Come visit our class and see the fun we have each day!