Hours of Operation

Village Nursery School generally follows the Chagrin Falls Schools calendar for major holidays and emergency snow days.  If Chagrin is closed then VNS is also closed.  Other school systems close more frequently than Chagrin.  Please watch the local TV news for school closings.  Please call your child’s teacher if you are unsure whether school is open or closed.


The Village Nursery Schools goal is to provide a relaxed and loving atmosphere where trained and caring teachers can help children attain the maximum cognitive, emotional, and social growth for their own individual needs. We work towards the following objectives:

  • to help the child develop a positive self image
  • to increase sensory and perceptive acuity
  • to promote formulation of concepts for later learning
  • to develop the child’s ability to solve problems
  • to have the child become aware of their surroundings and the world in which we live

We hope to achieve these goals without drill or recitation but to have a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.  We aim to give the children the satisfaction of enjoying the age they are and move comfortably into the age and person they will become.

Non Discrimination Policy

Village Nursery School will admit students of any race, color, religion, sex, gender or national and ethnic origin to our program.  Every student has rights to enjoy any activities, privileges and programs made available to them at VNS.

Arrival and Departure

There is always a teacher outside either the main door of the church in the back parking lot, the last door of the building in the back or at the front door of the church on Bell St. Your teacher will explain which door your child’s class will use at orientation. We will be at the door five minutes before class until five minutes after – a total of 10 minutes. After the teacher helps the child out of the car, they will be safely escourted into the building.  At pick up time, drive into the stopping area at your door and have your child’s name card displayed in the front window of your car..  We will bring the child to the car and close the door after everyone is buckled up.  There is no reason to get out of your car.  If there is a long line of traffic on Bell, please drive around so we do not block the flow of traffic on the street.  Thank you.

Pick up by custodial parent only

In case of legal separation or divorce, the child will be released only to the parent with custody.  VNS will request a copy of the custody agreement to be placed in the child’s records.  Let us know of any changes in status.

Safety Policies


  • No child will be left alone unsupervised
  • There is a posted plan in each classroom for medical, dental, fire, and weather alert.
  • There is a telephone access in all classrooms
  • We hold monthly fire drills.
  • A staff member trained in first aid, CPR, communicable disease, and child abuse is available at all times.
  • No aerosal sprays will be used when children are in attendance
  • No medication will be administered to a child during school hours with exception of an Epi pen for allergies with a special form from the person with special instructions.
  • In case of emergency or accident we follow the instructions that you have given us in writing. We will summon emergency personnel and file an incident report to authorities.  This report needs to be completed only if a child is transported to a medical center or emergency personnel have been summoned.  Parents will be given a copy of the report with the original kept file at school. In case of general emergency, we will evacuate to Giant Eagle, take attendance and await further instructions by authorities.

Field Trips

  • Most field trips are walking trips with the staff
  • Parents drive to outside trips or meet us at the site. All children sit int he back seat with belt and their own car seat if needed.
  • Permission slips are signed by parents before the walking trips and driving trips.
  • Teachers carry emergency transportation forms for the whole class and emergency medical first aid kits.

Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention

All staff are required by law to complete a required course in Child Abuse. Staff will report any suspected child abuse or neglect to the Child Abuse Hotline at (216) 696-5437

Discipline Procedures

Our discipline policy is one that believes children of any age like freedom but also enhoy firm an wise boundries.  We end up judiciously balancing freedom and control depending on three important variables: the age of the child, individual personality, and the specific situation.

We set only the necessary limits essential to support and protect the class.  We work to be sure the child understands the limits and we try to be consistent with out being inflexible.

We help children resolve conflicts and modeling skills that help solve their own problems.

We listen when children talk about their feelings and frustrations.

We redirect children to a more acceptable behavior or activity.  Giving choices and establishing consequences are effective ways of discipline.

If necessary, a child may be separated from the group within the room for a short period of time for a “time out”. Above all, the staff handles each situation with love, patience, and even humor. We never use physical or verbal abuse.

We ask that parents not approach any other parent directly about incidents that occur at school.  We feel eac family has the right to privacy concerning a child.


Snack time occurs daily in each class.  All snacks are provided by the parents.  You will receive a snack list the first week of school with designated days your child brings snack for the whole class. Please bring a low sugar, healthy snack plus a bottle of apple juice or white grape juice.  School provides the napkins and cups.  A special snack may be sent in to celebrate children’s birthdays.  VNS is a peanut free school.  If your child has allergies, an individual plan will be decided with the teacher and the parent.


Parents should check their child’s backpack daily for any notes, art projects, or information from their teacher. Monthly newsletters will be sent home from your teacher with news about your child’s class and an all school newsletter containing news of every class will be sent home quarterly. Class rosters will be sent home in September after permission is given by the parent.

Parents are welcome to visit anytime since we have an open door policy.  You are encouraged to share any job related interests and to help out on special days.  Sign up sheets are available at orientation to volunteer for room mothers and to assist at holiday parties.  We encourage parents to come and read a story to the class too!

Formal conferences are held in January and February for all classes.  You may schedule a teacher meeting or phone call at any time.

Management of Communicable Disease

In order to minimize transmission of communicable disease, the following policies have been developed by the state as a way to protect the healthy of all children.  A communicable disease chart is posted on the wall in the closet.  If your child shows symptoms listed in the guidlines, staff is required to send the child home.

A child with signs or symptoms listed below shall be isolated on a mat with a staff person in the nursery until the parent can come to school to take the child home:

  • Temperature or 100 degrees by auxiliary method
  • Nausea and or vomiting one time
  • Diarrhea
  • Undiagnosed or untreated skin rash
  • Stiff neck
  • Unusually dark urine or gray or white stool
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
  • Difficult or rapid breakthing
  • Sore throat
  • Evidence of lice, ringworm, pinworm, or scabies
  • Severe coughing
  • Is unable to participate ins scheduled activities

A child experiencing minor common cold symptoms will be allowed to stay at school.  If he is not exibiting any of the above symptoms.  If a communicable disease has been diagnosed in a child, a notice will go home to all children in the class stating what kind of exposure has occurred.  A child sent home cannot return until he has been seen by a phusician who verifies in writing that he is not contagious or the child is symptom free for 24 hours.  Please call your child’s teacher if your child will be absent for more than one day only or has a communicable disease.  Please do not call Federated Church.  Thank you.

State of Ohio Licensing

Village Nursery School is licensed to operate by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Human Services.  The license posted in a conspicuous place for review.  A toll free number (800) 686-1581 may be used to report a suspected violation.  The departments website is http://ifs.ohio.gov/cdc/childcare.stm.  The licensing law and rules governing child care are available for review upon request.

We must maintain files for children and staff.  Staff are required to attend a six hour class on child abuse, communicable disease, and first aid with a three hour renewable class every three years.  All the directing teachers hold college degrees with some having masters degrees.  We meet and work with local public school administrators.

We must meet certain teacher child ratios; 1:8 in the pre-threes, 1:12 in the threes and 1:14 in the in the fours and fives.  We believe these minimums

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