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Tuition for 2018/2019


Dear Parents,

We are so excited to begin another year of school with you. We are looking forward to more fun times and great days.

I wanted to give you the payment schedule along with Barb Sooy’s contact information. Barb handles our books and is another person you can contact if you have any questions about tuition.  Below is her contact info:

Barb Sooy

PH: 440-821-4029



As a reminder the payments are as follows:

Pre-3’s: $465.00 per trimester

3’s: $570.00 per trimester

4’s: $750.00 per trimester

5’s: $750.00 per trimester

  Due Dates:

1st Trimester (Sept – Nov): due by first week of school

2nd Trimester (Dec – Feb): due by Dec 5

3rd Trimester (Mar – May): due by Mar 5  

  The 3rd trimester will only include Mar/Apr – May payment was included in registration

If you wish to pay monthly rather than the trimester, please let Barb or myself know in writing.  We are happy to work with you in any way possible.

Pre-3’s $155.00 per month

3’s $190.00 per month

4’s $250.00 per month

5’s 250.00 per month

Due Date: 5th of each month

Thank you,

Shawn Bottcher