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October Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We are off to a wonderful start at Village Nursery School! What a great first month we have had. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Open House on October 8th.

Our Open House Schedule will be:

*Pre- 3’s-6:15

*3’s 7:30

*4’s 6:30

Mrs. Hill’s Pre -3’s have been very busy learning how to come  to school. It is amazing to see how well they are doing. They  are able to follow their routine and act like they have always been in school. They spent time in September learning about the color red, circles and apples. They are looking forward to getting ready for Halloween. This month they will be working on the colors yellow and orange for their color books. They will also be making some silly scarecrows.

Mrs. Hill’s 3’s are also old pros when it comes to school and our routine. They love to sing and dance! They can tell you all about shapes and apples. They are looking forward to beginning their letter name activities. I’m sure you will be excited to hear about their Science Fridays twice a month.

Mrs. Fant’s Ladies were very busy in September. They can tell you all about shapes and even sing some songs to go along with them. We hope that you enjoyed the Apple Books that they brought home. They loved tasting apples and describing them. They are looking forward to Fall and Halloween fun.

Mrs. Bottcher’s 4’s are off to a fantastic start. We have learned about families, houses, pets, apples, the letters AB and C and we are now starting on Fall. We went to Eddy’s Fruit Farm with Mrs. Conn’s class to pick apples and learn about fruit. We made apple muffins from scratch with the apples we picked! We love to bake! We are onto nocturnal animals, pumpkins and Halloween next!

Mrs. Conn’s class has been very busy. They also learned about families, houses, pets, apples letters AB and C. They made applesauce with their apples. It smelled and tasted amazing. They are doing a great job on their art projects and music! They are working very hard on all of their fine motor skills. They are looking forward to getting ready for Halloween.

Dates to remember:
October 8th: Open House
October 17th: No School
October 29-31 Halloween celebrations
October 31st: No Lunch Bunch

As always if you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,

Shawn Bottcher

October Dates To Remember


Please note the following dates:

October 8th: Open House

  • 6:15 – Pre 3 Class
  • 6:30 – 4 year old Classes
  • 7:30 – 3 year old Classes

October 17th: No School

October 24th: Scholastic Book Orders Due

October 29th: Pre 3 Halloween Celebration

October 30th: Mrs. Fant/Mrs. Wynveen 3’s Halloween Celebration

October 31st: 4’s Classes and Mrs. Hill/Hollingsworth 3’s Halloween Celebration

  • NO Lunch Bunch